Pu ana ki roto

Ki ana ki waho

Ka pu te ruha

Ka hao te rangatahi

I runga i te Aroha

Originating from within

It fills the outer.

When wisdom emerges

Transformation occurs

Upon the foundations of Love

The world is changing beyond our control, what was once, will never be again.  The old normal is no longer and best left to myth and legend as it only exists in memory, spoken & written word.  Without an alternative, whatever is forced upon us will become the New Normal.  Currently we have multiple shortages across all industries, prices are escalating due to inflation, people are losing their jobs, businesses, livelihoods, homes, etc.  It’s going to get worse before you know it.


Our country belongs to the people of New Zealand, yet its controlled by private interests and corporations that serve themselves rather than the people of New Zealand.  The new normal is shaping up as many have predicted and promoted with ever changing slogan’s like Build Back Better.  Its reshaping how we live our lives in what we think, say and do, none of which we have much control over…or do we?


The Crossroads

We are coming to a crossroads where we’ll have the opportunity to change the landscape of New Zealand and the world for the better.  To take back our power and return the natural balance for one and all.  If we don’t, then we deserve everything that comes to us unless we make a stand, come together and decide on a future that is best for one and all and not just those in power who will ensure that they remain in control.  The only way we can do this is get involved and come together, to think outside the box, share our idea’s, skills, experience and knowledge with one another and get organized. 


It is up to the people of New Zealand to take back what belongs to them and be the governors in their own land rather than the slaves to the system that they have become. The only way to do this is to eradicate the current control systems and replace them with new systems that benefit the people of New Zealand rather than corporate & private interests. Without an alternative, there is no alternative and the masses will only be too happy go along with whatever scraps are left by the powerful and the wealthy whilst they continue to live in their ivory towers.  Is this a future you want?  If you had an opportunity to shape the future, would you take it?

We Need  Warriors To Protect Our Future

This is why we need your help, we can’t do it alone as it’s the responsibility of the local, national and global communities to take control of their destinies.  We need to rebuild the world not on hate, exclusion and segregation,  we need to build it on love, inclusion and unity.


The world is filled with ideas & principles from all walks of life from the indigenous to the scientific communities that we can congregate into a new way of living to.  Take the principles of the Ubuntu Liberation Movement in South Africa who have observed, researched and come to the same conclusions that many others like us over the years have done.  We’ve posted a few of their articles on our site for you to read and encourage the people of New Zealand think outside the box, to contribute and fine tune them to suit the needs of the people of New Zealand. 


Our goal like theirs is to create an awakening within the people of our nations to come together and strive for a better future for New Zealand, its people and the world around us.  The writings already on the wall for all to see where this world is heading, so much so even the mainstream media can barely keep a lid on the truth no more.


The journey will involve a magnificent and challenging transformation both to our individual lives but also within the communities across the world and will restore the freedom, liberty and equality back to the world.