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Pu ana ki roto

Ki ana ki waho

Ka pu te ruha

Ka hao te rangatahi

I runga i te Aroha

Originating from within

It fills the outer.

When wisdom emerges

Transformation occurs

Upon the foundations of Love

We are a non-for-profit organization founded to change the landscape of New Zealand for the better with the aim to return natural balance for one and all.

Our fundamental principles and policies are based upon the collective ideas and contributions of the common people of New Zealand who wish to make this great nation of ours a better place for the future.

The country belongs to the people of New Zealand yet it is controlled by private interests and corporations that serve themselves rather than the people of New Zealand.

It is up to the people of New Zealand to take back what belongs to them and be the governors in their own land rather than the slaves to the system that they have become.

The only way to do this is to eradicate the current control systems and replace them with new systems that benefit the people of New Zealand rather than corporate & private interests.


“Aroha is often translated as Love, but because English is one of the youngest languages and because it has come out of an unusual period in history that focuses almost entirely on what is perceptible by the five senses (the senses of intellect and ego), the scope of the word Aroha requires an exploration, not a translation. The full meaning of the word does not exist in an equivalent English word.

The root word “Aro” has many meanings, but the Williams Maori dictionary (1st edition 1844,  6th edition 1957) gives one as “Mind, seat of feelings” and “Ha” is  defined as “breath”, and in Maori this refers to the breath of life.  Aroha is the creative force that comes from the spirit.

Aroha as an operational principle presumes the universe to be abundant, with more opportunities than there are people. In social interaction, it seeks the best in people, draws it out, yet is firm in not accepting aggression, greed, recycled ignorance or other behaviours that damage. Aroha in action is generous.  Aroha in group meetings seeks unity and balance. Aroha in practice is intelligent, a unified intelligence of the heart, soul and mind. Aroha is universal, and known by all peoples of all cultures. However, with the distractions of life, people can lose connection with aroha.” Source

We share similar principles to the Ubuntu Liberation Movement in South Africa who have observed, researched and come to the same conclusions that many others like us over the years have done.  We’ve posted many of their articles on our site for you to read and encourage the people of New Zealand to contribute and fine tune them to suit the needs of the people of New Zealand.

Our goal like theirs is to create an awakening within the people of our nations to come together and strive for a better future for New Zealand, its people and the world around us.  The writings already on the wall for all to see where this world is heading, so much so even the mainstream media can barely keep a lid on the truth no more.

The journey will involve a magnificent and challenging transformation both to our individual lives but also within the communities across the world and will restore the freedom, liberty and equality back to the world.

Once we’ve fine tune the policies we intend to put them into practice and create a political party that will enable us to bring them into effect on an national scale.