As debt, interest & inflation are constants in the current economic model and more money is required to make up the shortfall.  Adding money to the supply chain not only increases debt & interest, it also increases inflation & taxation.  Inflation can be seen as money (debt) being devalued as additional money (debt) is introduced into circulation.  Thus taxation, austerity or printing more debt seems to be the only solution given to us to plug the shortfall. 

Local Taxation

After a monetary reform occurs, all debt can be abolished, a new currency put in place and the ability for the people to create it’s own interest free money supply there will be no need for taxation.  Put simply there will be no debt to service and public services are provided by the individual for whom the community cares for.

Under a self-sustaining Contributionism society the community looks after the individual as much as the individual looks after the community and care for and see’s to each others needs.  Man power is provided by the local community whilst building materials are supplied by other communities where necessary.

Foreign Taxation

To help build up the nation stores of foreign currency the people can tax foreign companies in their own currencies to build up the reserves.