The petroleum industry is the other highly guarded part of the energy sector. Oil companies have guarded their empire vigorously for over 100 years and will not allow anyone to upset their global control.

Most people have heard of someone somewhere who developed a car that runs on water, or ethanol, or hydrogen; or gas, or compressed air, or oxygen, or some other ingenious device. But miraculously, all these amazing discoveries have mysteriously disappeared never to be seen again. Why is that?

Because petroleum and oil is not just about running cars – our entire global industry and economy is almost completely based on oil today. It makes up the active ingredient in most synthetic materials like rubber and plastics, that are major components of almost everything we manufacture and consume as a species. Just think about computers and the components they are made of or the shoes that you wear.

The fact is that we have made almost no real progress in technology since the very first car engine was made. The so-called technological advancements are mere deceptions that keep us going around in circles believing that we are presented with new technology, and every year new cars are release with new shiny metal covers, but the engines still run on the basic principles of steam train technology.

This is always a major point of contention with the fans of formula one racing enthusiasts, but the fact remains – all our cars are still propelled by combustion technology that drives pistons or some other mechanical device that in turn makes the wheels spin around and around. We are like hamsters caught up in the merry-go-round of being baffled by pseudo technology. We are being drip-fed little bits of technology every year, claiming to be the latest and the best and the newest technology available.

The same can be said for all other areas of technology in the field of electronics and everything else. The concept of obsolescence is built into everything that we buy today, so that it will have to be replaced in a year or two. In other words – all technological products are made to break after a short period of usage. 

This is how it has been planned and orchestrated by the petroleum giants and other global corporations. Please note that SONY is not exactly a Japanese company, but is in effect the acronym for Standard Oil New York – SONY, which is a Rockefeller company. I hope this is starting to make sense.

It must be made clear that we are not in this situation because there are no other alternatives – NO – there are many alternatives that have been presented  by scientist and inventors over time.

We are in this predicament by design, of the small number of extremely powerful individuals who control global economies and mould them around their own production plans and continued control over the human race. Over the past 200 years, these giant corporations have manipulated the behaviour of the entire global population so that they benefit from every aspect of human endeavour. Their actions contribute to one of the most devastating aspects of global pollution in all of human history.

If we are to survive as a species, we have to put an end to this destruction of our beautiful planet immediately and offer the world one of the many green and renewable end environmentally friendly alternatives that exist. New Zealand is perfectly poised to do this with immediate effect because of the untapped our oil and coal reserves – and our innovative and advanced scientific research facilities.

In the past, those that have tried to release such technology are once again either bought out; or threatened, or silenced or even killed. You can imagine that a simple discovery like a car that runs on water will almost immediately cripple the oil giants and they will go to any extreme not to allow this to happen.

Once again it is up to the will of the people to make this happen and open the doors to the brave inventors who have all the solutions we need. Cars that run on water, is a reality – not a fairytale.

Today there is cross-ownership and other agreements between car manufacturers and petroleum companies so that the car manufacturers do not manufacture cars that run on water or some other device and put the oil companies out of business.

One such example is that of scientist and inventor Otis Carr, who in the 50s approached the major car manufacturers offering them cars that float with ant-gravity technology without using any oil and polluting the world. According to Ralph Ring who was an associate of Carr in their laboratory, the response from the motor executive was “if you put them up there, we will shoot them down”.

There are many detractors who claim that Carr was a con artist, but this is exactly the clever disinformation smear tactics that are used by these corporations to remove any level of credibility from those who pose any threat.

This has been done very successfully to a long list of inventors over the past 120 years like John Keely; Nikola Tesla; Raymond Rife; and many more. All one has to do is create a little bit of doubt in the minds of the public, and suggest that the inventor is either possibly crazy, a con artist or insist that their inventions do not really work. And very quickly this disinformation permeates into society creating doubt.