Petroleum Plan of Action

  1. All the oil or gas that is pumped from the ground or any coastal areas of New Zealand belongs to the people.
  2. The AROHA Movement will provide our scientist and researchers with all the support and facilities they need to deliver technology and new engines that run on water or any other system.
  3.  Explore the use of salt water and the frequencies that make it burn, as an alternative to petrol.
  4. Explore normal air and compressed air as an alternative fuel source – after all oxygen burns vigorously.
  5. Explore electro-magnetic propulsion devices that can use the sun’s energy.
  6. Perpetual motion magnetic motors;
  7. Expand on the models of the Stirling Engine;
  8. Use the knowledge of Tesla and others like Ed Leedskalnin who single-handedly built Choral Castel in Florida, USA and understood anti-gravity technology.
  9.  Support any other ideas presented by inventors and scientist, as outlandish as they may seem.