Health Plan of Action

  1.  Every community, town or city will have the most sophisticated hospital, clinic, trauma unit, emergency facility, treatment and healing centre imaginable. We call these ‘healing centres’ because we do actually expect to heal and cure people instead of just sustaining them and curing the symptoms.
  2.  Every existing hospital or clinic will be upgraded to meet these requirements and the needs of the people immediately.
  3.  These Healing Centres will be large enough to service their community with ease and never run the risk of being unable to meet the demand of their community.
  4.  Healing Centres will be designed and adapted differently from our current hospitals to create the necessary environments that promote healing in every way.
  5.   The Healing Centres will be well staffed with healers from diverse backgrounds to promote the growth of new and alternative healing and not just the currently accepted methods.
  6.   The Healing Centres will also be used as training centres, where those interested in the healing will learn hands on by the healers in every field.
  7. Birthing Centres will be established in every community and treated as separate from Healing Centres. Because giving birth is not a disease.
  8. The AROHA Movement will declare all questionable activities by the drug companies  unlawful with immediate effect.
  9. We will appoint a new independent  group of medical scientists and researchers, supported with the most advanced equipment and technology, to investigate all existing drugs whether legal or illegal, and give the people a new scientific perspective on the positive or negative effects of these substances.
  10.  All traditional healers, and alternative healers, Sangomas and Shaman, will be given all the respect they deserve in their service to the people they treat.
  11. We will promote the work of traditional healers and alternative healers who have been marginalised and belittled by the medical and drug industry for their own financial benefit.
  12.  Give all the support necessary for the cultivation and production of plants and herbs to support the traditional healers, homeopaths and others.
  13.  Every Healing Centre will have a research laboratory attached to it where our brilliant scientists can do ongoing research into a diverse areas of healing.
  14.   Any new discovery will be shared with the people of New Zealand and the world immediately and not kept as a secret to benefit only a few.
  15.   We will vigorously support extensive research into vibrational and frequency healing made famous by Raymond Rife, Steiner and others.
  16. We will vigorously support the development and use of Stem Cell treatment – because our research has shown that stem cell treatment has already been successfully used in curing virtually all disease, including the growing of organs and even severed limbs. This has been one of the best kept secrets of the drug cartels.
  17.  Communities will have the freedom to determine what they need in this area, based on their own experience and agreed to by the Council of Elders in each community. These decisions will be activated immediately giving the people of the community all the tools necessary to deliver, build or grow whatever the community has decided.