Having a roof over one’s head is an essential requirement of our lives.  In addition to this it is essential to our health that all housing meets a minimum standard that is concidered to be safe.   It is also morally wrong for those in need of help to remain homeless when there is the resources and our ability to resolve such issues.

Property Ownership

We are all temporary custodians of the dwellings that we currently reside in and our life choices and circumstances have brought us to our current abode which you can call it fate if you will.

Some people currently own serveral homes yet it is physically impossible for them to live in them all at any given time.   In truth no one really requires multiple homes as they are merely expressions of their current material wealth.  True wealth is not what you own but what you can give to society and your community.

Once all mortgage debt has been abolished those who currently own multiple properties will be given the right to choose their preference of home whilst local communities use excess homes to house those in need.

People should also be free to move from home to home as they do now whether it be for work, family or for a change of scenery.  As always property in areas relies on availability but also on the requirements of the community in which they wish to be relocated.

Local communities should have the right to have a preference to living within their community.