New Zealand Constitution

New Zealand Constitution

First Draft


Our Constitution is based on all the original principals of the Bill of Rights & The Magna Carta with adaptations for the needs of society and all New Zealand citizens today.

“Freedom is not our right – it is our gift from the divine creator. No one has the right to take it away or enslave us in any way or manner.”


This is our pledge and these are your rights


We, the People of New Zealand, declare for all our country and the world to know that:

  1. New Zealand and the land belong to all who live in it;
  2. No government has the right to rule the land and its people unless it has been appointed by the people;
  3. The government or any other appointed body of such nature is there to serve the people of
  4. New Zealand and implement the will of the people at all time;
  5. The people retain the right to replace the government at any time if they feel that their needs are not being taken care of;
  6. No government, political party, individual, corporation or monarchy can claim ownership of the land or any part thereof;
  7. Therefore, we, the people of New Zealand, all free and equal, countrymen, brothers and sisters adopt this Freedom Charter;
  8. We pledge ourselves to strive together, sparing neither strength nor courage, until our inalienable rights and common law have been restored to the people and our land.


The People Shall Govern!


  1. New laws and new governing structures will be created based on the will of the people on a local and national level;
  2. The reintroduction of Maori tribal structures with a council of elders will be implemented to manage and advise communities;
  3. These new tribal councils will adopt the fundamental principles of Contributionism to enhance their ability to rule and advise the people;
  4. Every man and woman shall have the right to stand as a candidate for all such councils or bodies that govern or make laws;
  5. All people shall be entitled to take part in the administration of the country, town or community in accordance with the newly developed laws by the people;
  6. The rights of the people shall be the same, regardless of race, colour or sex;


All People and National Groups Have Equal Rights!


  1. The principle of UNITY will be the foundation of all communities and the national governing body;
  2. All people shall have equal right to use their own languages, and to develop their own culture and customs as long as it does not infringe on the customs of others;
  3. The diversity and beauty of our cultures and languages will be promoted and celebrated as widely as possible;
  4. All national groups shall be protected by law against insults to their race and national pride;
  5. There shall be no hierarchy or levels of superiority in any aspects of society, every person’s contribution will be valued as equally important as any other;
  6. All discriminatory laws and practices shall be set aside.
  7. The use of money and wealth as tool of separation, segregation and discrimination will be abolished;


The People Shall Share in the Country’s Wealth!


  1. The national wealth of our country, the heritage of New Zealand, shall be restored to the people and new applicable laws will be created to benefit and protect the people on all fronts;
  2. All mineral wealth above or beneath the ground will be controlled by the people and used for the benefit of all people and all communities – it will not be allowed to be monopolized by individuals, corporations or any ruling body;
  3. All international trade shall be adapted by the people to assist the wellbeing of all the people; All industry and manufacturing shall be supported in all possible ways to deliver abundance of all things to all people;
  4. All people shall have equal rights to choose any trade, craft or professions they wish to participate in and all training and education to attain their profession will be free;
  5. The current banking and financial system and the control of the printing of money will be transferred to the people until there is no more need for money in our society whatsoever and finally eradicated;


The Land Shall be Shared Among Those Who Work It!


  1. Farmers who feed the people are the heroes of the land and will be given land, tools, seeds, implements and all assistance necessary to maximize the production of their crops and produce;
  2. Land usage shall be adapted to benefit all the people, and made available to those who work it, to banish famine and hunger;
  3. Since the land belongs to all the people, land ownership will be abolished and replaced by new land usage laws of the new society which will benefit all the people, especially the farmers;
  4. Since money will no longer be part of the system, no land will be sold or owned by individuals, or corporations, or in any other way possible;
  5. Existing farmers will be required to use their land for the benefit of the community, or teach other new farmers to farm the vacant land to help feed the people;
  6. Everyone who contributes to wards the community will be given as much land as is required to perform their task;
  7. The people in each community will plan and implement the reconstruction of their community, development of public parks and recreational area to the greatest benefit of the community;
  8. Every community will have the right to control a specified area around its boundaries for the production of crops and other farming necessities;
  9. These boundaries will be specified by the new legal structures to be introduced under the equal rights of Contributionism and based on the population in the community;
  10. Each community will be encouraged to become self reliant and self-sustainable on the agricultural products they produce;
  11. Food will be distributed nationally between communities and to those communities that are unable to provide for themselves, and all food and other farming or agricultural produce will be available to the people for free;
  12. All people shall have the right to settle in any community they choose and contribute to their community with their skills or talents;


All Shall be Equal Before the Law!


  1. A new legal system of basic common law will be implemented as drafted by the people for the nation and the whole country BUT each community will have the right to add new specific laws for the greatest benefit of their specific community;
  2. Each community will have the right to govern their town and boundaries according to the laws created by the community, as long as the laws do not clash with the basic common laws of the nation;
  3. No-one shall be imprisoned, deported or restricted without a fair trial based on the new legal system implemented by the people under Contributionism;
  4. The courts shall be representative of all the people;
  5. Imprisonment shall be only for serious crimes against the people, and shall aim at re- education, not vengeance;
  6. The police and army shall be open to all on an equal basis and shall be the helpers and protectors of the people;
  7. The police and the armed forces will be restructured based on the needs of the people and the will of the people; they will be given all the tools and support necessary to perform their tasks as required by the new legal requirements under Contributionism;
  8. The police and the armed forces will be regarded as peace officers;


All Shall Enjoy Equal Human Rights!


  1. It is no longer necessary to list these rights since we are all equal in all aspects under the
  2. Ubuntu Contribution System and UNITY is the underlying foundation;
  3. There is no hierarchy or superiority of any kind and it is not really possible to discriminate against groups or individuals in a society without the class distinctions normally created by money;


There Shall be Work and Security! (Transition period)


  1. In a free society under the UBUNTU CONTRIBUTION SYSTEM no one shall work for money but for personal satisfaction and pride in their community – money will be removed from the system;
  2. The expression “work” will fall away rapidly in the new society, since all people now follow their passion or God-given talents – this is their contribution to the community;
  3. New laws will be set up by the people regarding the participation and contribution of members in their communities;
  4. During the transition phase to full Contributionism everyone who is without a job or business of their own, or an income, will be asked to participate and contribute to the national and local Public Works Project in which all aspects of transport, health, housing, communication, energy and all aspects of service delivery will be upgraded and made available to all;
  5. Everyone who contributes will be paid equally and only required to contribute on average five hours per day, as part of the preparation for the transition to full Contributionism;
  6. All who contribute shall receive free food, water, housing and electricity as part of their reward;
  7. Every other person in every trade will be given all the tools, materials and support necessary to perform their task to the best of their ability and highest standard of their craft;
  8. Each member of the community will be required to contribute 2 hours per week towards community building projects, irrespective of what other activity they are part of or contribute to their community;
  9. Each community will be unified and united in their effort to make life as easy and pleasant for everyone to live life and enjoy it to the full;


The Doors of Learning and Culture Shall be Opened!


  1. Education and learning is the most exciting part of growing up and a fundamental part of creating a well balanced society
  2. The aim of education shall be to teach the youth to love their people and their culture, to honor human brotherhood, liberty and peace; and to be at one with mother Earth;
  3. All education on all levels will be free and children and students will choose whatever they want to learn about;
  4. The current education system and syllabus is completely out of line with people’s needs – the concepts of play and games as part of early learning will be introduced where the foundation of literacy will be established without effort;
  5. The entire education structure and system will be converted and all classroom based teaching will be abolished;
  6. Classroom teaching will be replaced by an exciting and vibrant sequence of internships, where from an early age children can follow their passion and learn the skills of life in many different areas from masters in their fields; so that by the time they are 16 years old, their knowledge will be wide and they will have a very clear idea of what they want to do as part of their contribution to society;
  7. Anyone who is an expert in their field and who is appointed by the community to act as a teacher can choose to become one; such people will teach groups of children as part of their daily process in an internship capacity; the internships will grow longer in time as the children get older and choose more specific areas of learning;
  8. All children will be taught the basic principles of life and survival, soil, water, plants, animals, earth, planting and harvesting crops and farming in all aspects, to build a strong bond between each citizen and a love and respect for mother Earth; after this they can follow any path of learning they choose;
  9. Anyone at any stage of their life can decide to change their careers and enrol in a program to learn new skills or talents;
  10. The discovery and development of talent for the enhancement of our cultural life will be promoted on all levels;
  11. All the cultural treasures of mankind shall be open to all, by free exchange of books, ideas and contact with all communities and other lands;
  12. Adult illiteracy shall be ended by a mass community training plan;


There Shall be Houses, Security and Comfort!


  1. All people shall have the right to live where they choose and become an integral part of the community of their choice;
  2. Every community will collectively plan and reconstruct their town and settlements based on the will and the needs of the people in that community and be eco-friendly;
  3. The planning and construction will be done by trained members of the community or outsiders who have been asked by the leaders of the community to assist in the process;
  4. All materials for all areas of building and construction will be provided to the builders by the specific industries in the closest proximity to the community; these will be mines, quarries, forestry, and any other industry which can play the role as a supplier of materials to the community;
  5. All effort will be made and all advanced levels of technology will be use to uplift the community in areas of telecommunication and IT;
  6. All services will be free, providing free energy, free, water, free housing and eventually – free food to the people in the community who contribute their services;
  7. Solar, wind and hydro energy will be used where possible; methane gas production will be attained from sewerage plants; water distribution will be streamlined;
  8. Parks, recreational areas; sporting and cultural facilities will be designed and constructed according to the needs of each community and the use of all these facilities will be free to all in the community;
  9. There shall be no rent or other charges of any kind inflicted on the people;
  10. Hospitals and care centres for the aged will be constructed with the latest technology available in each community;
  11. Free medical care and hospitalisation shall be provided for all, with special care for mothers and young children;
  12. The aged, the orphans, the disabled and the sick shall be cared for by the community; There will be no need for health or accident insurance of any kind – all medical care will be free to all;
  13. Animal hospitals and rehabilitation centres will be constructed to the best of the ability of each community; the services will be free to all the people;
  14. New alternative medication and treatments will be explored and applied where possible and replace poisonous westernised drugs;
  15. Alternative healers will be given all the support they need to keep discovering natural cures for all disease;
  16. Continued research into natural treatments and cures will be actively promoted by the central governing structures and each community, and all necessary tools and support will be provided for such research;
  17. Community police and security forums will establish the necessary security structures as determined by the community and its leaders;
  18. They will have the necessary powers granted to them by the laws of each community;
  19. All the necessary tools to implement security measures will be provided to the members of the security forums by the community;
  20. All members of the community will participate in the security forum for a minimum number of hours as stipulated by the laws of each community;
  21. Since money is the key driving force behind most crimes, the UBUNTU community will be mostly crime-free communities and therefore imprisonment and detention will be minimal;


There Shall be FREE Transport for All


  1. All rail and road and air transport will be free and without toll charges of any kind;
  2. Scientists will be supported on all levels to develop new alternative GREEN and FREE- ENERGY transport alternatives;
  3. Such FREE-ENERGY solutions have been covered up in the past by the oil and energy companies who want to keep enslaving their citizens – this will not be tolerated and all new discoveries will be promoted and exposed to the citizens everywhere;


There Shall be Peace and Friendship and Free Media!


  1. New Zealand shall be a fully independent state which respects the rights and sovereignty of all nations;
  2. New Zealand shall strive to maintain world peace and the settlement of all international disputes by negotiation – not war or conflict;
  3. Peace and friendship amongst all our people shall be secured by upholding the equal rights, opportunities and status of all, without separation or segregation or any hierarchical structures that cause such segregation of people;
  4. News and information will be distributed through all the normal channels freely, and anyone will have the right to contribute or distribute news and information or start their own medium for such distribution of information;
  5. Transmission channels for radio, television, internet and any other medium, will not be reserved for the use by an exclusive elite;
  6. Let all people who love their people and their country now say, as we say here: