Order Of Change



They say change doesn’t comes overnight but a change in the right direction certainly can.  

If you were to tackle any problem its always best to start at the root cause rather than treating the symptoms which is a waste of time. 

Most problems (symptoms) across the world today orientate around one thing money (root cause).  The lack or want of it,  the power and control it has over people plus there are countless examples where it makes us do things that we shouldn’t and prevents us from doing things that we should. 

In a world were some families and corporations accumulate trillions in wealth most people live in poverty, is this by chance or by design?  Is it by accident that the same people who have got super rich from the system are those who enforced it upon the world?  Is it a coincidence that the system that has been rigged and to transfer wealth from the world to the few?  Is it a coincidence that year after year people and governments get poorer and poorer as they spiral deeper into servitude through debt? Is it a coincidence that absolute power and control over governments and their people comes hand in hand with the creation of money and the people who own most of it? 

The answers to all these questions is quite clear as all you have to do take a look at the world around you.  If this information is new to you, we recommend that you watch some of the video’s on this site.  You must then ask yourself if you rather have people born as a free human being in a free world rather than in servitude to a corrupt system and your existence taxed to support it?

Money and the power that comes with it is purely derived from the value people place upon it.  In many cases we are in programmed and conditioned to accept whatever value we are told to place on a wide variety of things.  Whenever you remove a value you’ve placed on something it ceases to have any power over you placing you back in control.  The only reasons why the world is the way it is today is because the people have given their power away to a small group of people who simply don’t have their best interests at heart.   Thus the only real solution is for the power to be returned back to it’s rightful owners the people rather than private organisations so that the people become governors of their own destiny. 

Change is one of the few universal constants and the universe wouldn’t be how it is today without it.  Whilst change can be testing time for all, history is full of fine examples of the achievements that can be made over time through change.  Change in fact is one of the few universal constants and the universe wouldn’t be how it is today without it. 

For any transition to smooth and effective as possible it is necessary to remove the main shackles that hold the status quo together.  The two primary areas are economic & government reform that puts the interests of the people first rather than private banks and corporations.

The true power of any nation lies with the people who make up that nation.  If it wasn’t for the people nothing would be achieved yet the system doesn’t work for the people. Year by year people and governments get poorer and poorer as they spiral deeper into servitude through debt to the private banking regime who get more wealth, power and control by the day.

Thus the order of change is dominated by what needs to be change first in order to release the most chains holding everything else back.

Stage 1  Political, Economic and Legislative Reform

The first step is to reform the current power structure that is holding the status quo together and return that to the people, it’s rightful owners.  The political landscape has to be reformed to truly represent and reflect the communities of New Zealand.  Communities need to be more active in the future of their local and national communities.  

The economic system needs to completely reformed so that the power to create debt/interest free money is handed back to the people and and remove all debt from a corrupt system is abolished & along with the taxes that were largely used to pay a debt that could mathematically never be paid off.

The legislative system needs to be reformed, New Zealand converted to a republic, full sovereignty restored to the people of New Zealand.  All references, oaths and alliance to the crown should be replace with alliance to the common people of New Zealand.

Stage 2 – Essential Public Services

There are a number basic essential rights that man requires to live a full and healthy life and include food, clothes, home, energy, water, healthcare, law & order, etc.

Thus it is the job of the community to ensure that they are able to care for those that come into their community.  Just as individuals within a community need to contribute for the good of the community the same can be said that individual communities need to contribute with other communities for the good of the nation.

Police, Ambulance & Fire are all essential public services that should be adequately staffed and equipped at all times.  Education is also an essential services that should be provided for free for the benefit of all.

Stage 3 – Additional Public Services

The next stage would be to reform and reshape the wide range of other areas and ensure that they benefit individual, community and nation interests.

Areas include land & housing and when all associated debt is abolished we then become true temporary custodians of our homes, lands and nation.  Other areas include work, income. defence, environment,  foreign affairs, immigration, etc where the people choose the best policies for all.