The principle definition of a democracy is good but not ideal in that it’s “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives” or “a system of government by the people for the people”. 

However, in practice it fails to live up to it’s namesake for the reasons below and has become a system of abuse and a true wolf in sheep’s clothing.

 Spending a few moments once every few years to tick a box for who most people in a community don’t know in the slightest to represent you in government is not what you can call a true democracy.  A government for the people by the people can only be achieved if the people themselves become actively involved.  Failing to do so only leads to tyranny as Thomas Jefferson once said.

 “Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”
Thomas Jefferson 

 We all have busy lives trying to earn a crust working for one busi-ness or another which is of course by design.  The more we are distracted with our everyday lives the less we have time to devote our thoughts and actions to things that matter within our communities and our nation.


For a real democracy to exist we all need to actively get involved not only in local matters but also national.  All too often as you all now those in power go ahead with decisions and create new laws that often are opposed by the vast majority of people.  This is not democracy in the slightest because our so called representatives are not doing just that, representing the will of the people in their communities.  Failure to do so is a failure of the fundamental principles of democracy.

You have to ask yourself if those we elect to represent our communities are not representing the people, just who are they representing?

All too often we hear about MP’s following and voting on party lines which completely ignores the will of the people or what’s right and what’s wrong.  Whatever the party leaders believe is what they vote.

It is also a well know fact that many MP’s vote in favor of corporate lobbyists either because persuasion or some kind of bribe & kickback of sorts.  Again, this is far from voting for the will of the people and whenever this occurs they put corporate interests before the people.

Another area is personal interests as it is rarely the case that 100% of the people believe in one thing and not the other.  Thus if an MP has a minority belief system that opposes the majority view and will of the people they are likely to vote for the minority.


The people of New Zealand decided to stop using the First-Past-The Post system and decided to go for MMP in the belief it will be a better system.

This is in further than the truth than most people realize.  Not only will it not make any real difference when it comes down to decisions in parliament simply because those elected do not represent the will of the people.

On top of this 50% of parliament is made up of List MP’s who are neither elected by the people, nor represent them.  So all those people they communities chose not to elect can still be an MP largely due to cronyism.

If this list MP’s do not represent the people then the only people remaining for them to represent are their party, corporate and self interests.


New Zealand referendum’s is as much a political farce as the system itself.  There is little point holding referendums in the current system simply because they are not binding. 

With the people of New Zealand demanding several referendums over the last few years.  Each one showed that the will of the people oppose what our so called representatives are doing yet the government completely ignored them and carried on as they were clearly spells out to one and all that democracy is dead in New Zealand.

Does you vote really count?

So does your vote really count and if you don’t vote do you loose your right to free speech in that you no longer have a right to criticize as the proponents proclaim.

Certainly not in both cases.

The truth of the matter as explain above is that these mantra’s that rear their heads every election time are nothing but pure fantasy when compared to reality.  Those who choose not to vote are justifiably disillusioned by our so called democracy and refuse to vote and participate in a system that is obviously broken and does not represent it’s voters.

The people of  New Zealand are not the only people who recognize the above.  People from nations all across the world are waking up to reality and don’t vote because they have no confidence in the existing systems that are supposedly meant to be serving them.

Always remember the government and the MP’s the people elect are supposedly working for the people and all too often this is simply not the case.