Democracy Plan of Action

The Aroha Foundation intends to resolve these major flaws in our democratic system by restoring the democratic process to its fundamental principles.

For the cost of a single referendum an electronic voting system will be implemented allowing the people to cast their votes on whatever topic is being raised within parliament. 

  1. Give all people access to the electronic system in one way or another.
  2. Allow the people to decide at the early stages of any new topic raised whether to further explore the pro’s & con’s.
  3. Once the pro’s & con’s have been weighed the people can then vote on whether to pass new laws or implement new systems.
  4. Let the people contribute and write the legislation or laws or the direction of the new system and cast their vote on the final draft before it comes into effect.
  5. An electronic voting system will remove the need for referendum’s on new legislation as the people have been involved from the beginning.
  6. Dissolve all political parties a thing of the past to ensure that following party lines is a thing of the past.
  7. Allow the different communities to elected their own representatives whose job is to solely represent the will of their community.
  8. Allow the people to remove a representative immediately who fails to serve the will of the community.
  9. Parliament seats are to be given to each community representative where and meet to raise and discuss the needs of their community and report back to their communities the needs and ideas of the communities of the nation.