Farming & Agriculture

Let us make the farmers the heroes of our country and give them everything they need to produce every kind of food imaginable – so that no one shall be hungry.

Farming is one of the most exciting areas of change, because it provides an immediate solution for the biggest problem we have – hunger and lack of nourishment of our people.

According to a report by the United Nations in 2011, one third of the world food production is dumped and left to rot. Not because there in no one who would eat it, but because people do not have money to buy the food. This is a blatant crime against all of humanity and has to stop – we can be the country that starts the new cycle of food for everyone.

We have one of the most gifted farming communities in the world and we should be producing so much food that we could feed all of New Zealand. And this is exactly what we intend to do.

But to do this, farmers must be seen and treated as the heroes of our country and given all the support they need on every possible level. Tools, machinery and other equipment that many farmers cannot afford to feed the people.

Furthermore, they must be supported by the research laboratories that will provide them with other scientific tools and treatments and seeds that are not genetically modified, and truly grow healthy organic food and livestock. Utilize water that has been energized through the active processes of mother Earth OR energized by those who know how to achieve this.

Scientists and researchers know that crops and animals grow at several times the normal rate under specific natural conditions that are well known to experts in this area. These techniques have been slowly eradicated by the actions of multinational corporations like Monsanto who want to control the global food supply, so that they can induce disease in those people and animals, in turn upholding the drug and medical corporations.

Growing food is a beautiful and a simple task for those who know how, and those that are passionate about it. We will use the many experts in natural and organic farming techniques, as well as the specialists in the field of bio-mimicry to enhance the quality and quantity of all farming and agricultural produce.  These experts will also be used to train new farmers so that we can diversify the entire agri-sector to areas that were previously thought to be financially not viable. There are solutions for every possible problem, and we intend to find and implement them.

The people shall produce what they need; and NOT what the bankers or politicians or corporations allow them to produce.

Let’s face it, we cannot eat money and we cannot eat gold and in a land where the economy has collapsed the man with a vegetable garden, a cow and chickens is king.

Today, dozens of farms and productive land is being stolen from farmers on a daily basis by the unlawful activity of the banks. Furthermore, farmers are under constant threat from giant corporations like Monsanto to conform to their genetically modified seeds, fertiliser and farming practice, destroying the future productivity of the land, or face possible bankruptcy and losing their farm. This is happening at such an alarming rate that if we do not stop this, Monsanto and a few others will own all the productive farm land in New Zealand within the next few years.  The consequences of this happening will be devastating.

We will use the skills of existing experts in treating pests and disease in crops and livestock using alternative measures with 100% success rates, without poisoning the land, food or animals. These advanced scientific techniques are well known to some but vigorously discouraged by the current leadership in favour of the poisons and other harmful treatments of our food and animals. These proposed alternative techniques also cross over in the health and pharmaceutical sector that we will discuss in great detail under that section.

People are prevented from growing certain natural plants that have been part of ancient African culture for thousands of years, but today have been made illegal by the government. Like Hemp for example. The cultivation of Hemp will solve many problems in several industries in this country virtually overnight.

Traditional healers will be encouraged to grow and produce any kind of plant or herb that they need for their traditional healing. Specialised farmers will be trained in the skills to help grow such natural plants and remedies for the traditional healers so that this can be returned to the honourable service that it once provided. We will fully honour and support the Sangomas and Shaman who uphold ancient African wisdom and tradition without fear of exploitation from any ‘authority’.

The large scale production of herbs for aromatic oils and more will be maximised to use in all kinds of treatments currently frowned upon by the medical and pharmaceutical mafia, who close down any possible opposition with a promise of a cure.

In the AROHA Contribution System, we envisage that at least one in every 10 people will in some way be involved in the farming and agriculture sector. These skills and the love for mother Earth must be taught to all our children from the earliest age – because if you truly love mother Earth, you will never allow anyone to harm her.

Farmers from all walks of life, all over New Zealand will be the real heroes who produce every kind of food imaginable in so much abundance that we can feed the rest of New Zealand.

If we can feed our neighbours and teach them to do what we do, we will very quickly alleviate many socio-economic problems in this part of the world, and we will replace misery and neediness with abundance on all levels. A country where people love and respect each other and do not betray each other because they are desperate, hungry and homeless.

In New Zealand, just like the rest of the world, the objective of Monsanto is very clear – to take control of the global food supply, and they are succeeding at a rapid rate. The AROHA Party will put an immediate stop to the activities of Monsanto and any other company of such nature and turn their laboratories and other facilities into productive healthy resources for the entire farming and agricultural sector.

Just like in every area of society, we will consult the experts – and not the politicians – to provide the solutions and solve the problems. To solve the food and agriculture crisis is obviously a task for those who know everything there is to know about farming.

Today, the main obstacle to providing food for our people are the bankers and ignorant  politicians who have allowed the banks to operate their unlawful empires in our country and so manipulating and destroying our people.

The FARMERS are our heroes – support the farmer every step of the way.

The farming & agri-sector will have a huge impact on many other sectors of our society. For example: Scientific research; training in all related areas of farming and agriculture; transport and delivery; packaging; storage; geographical distribution of farms; retailing; pricing; restaurants, exports, medicine etc.