All the fishing areas have been severely affected by government policies that have prevented thousands of people from fishing and providing for their families.
These inhumane policies have opened the doors to international fishing corporations that deplete our coastlines of fish, destroying the ecosystem, and do not benefit the people of New Zealand in any way. They export our fish while making millions in profit for international shareholders, whilst limiting access to our people.
These current policies protect the rights of the corporations and destroy the lives of honest, hard working human beings. Once again this indicates that the rights international corporations are protected vigorously while the rights of humans are being destroyed.
This unlawful and unconstitutional activity will be reversed immediately by the AROHA Movement and our fisherman and marine experts will play an equally important role alongside the farmers to provide food for the people in abundance and beyond our wildest imagination. This is very simple to achieve by those who know how – not politicians.

The fishermen will be seen as the heroes of the land because they provide a crucially important part of our diet while protecting and maintaining our beautiful coastline.