Mining & Minerals Plan of Action

  1. Every mine in New Zealand becomes the property of the people with immediate effect. (Not the property of the government – that would be called nationalisation.)
  2. A Council Of Elders will be appointed by the people of New Zealand, consisting of the most trusted and respected individuals, to look after the interests of the people in this regard – this council will have absolute control to implement the will of the people – not the will of the corrupt politicians who are controlled by powerful multinational corporations.
  3. All foreign shareholding in all mines or any directly related activity will be cancelled immediately.
  4. This includes the production of all metals, alloys, steel and so forth.
  5. A comprehensive program to expand the refining and manufacturing industry will be implemented immediately. There is no need for us to export anything for the sake of re-importing it in a refined form. This has been a devious convoluted system to create wealth for politicians and corporations on both sides of the import-export fence.
  6. All exports of minerals, coal, iron ore,  or any other resource that comes from our ground or is mined in any way will be stopped immediately.
  7. New Zealand will produce only as much of these commodities as is required by the people of New Zealand for the various industrial sectors of our own society and other needs that may arise as the process of transformation takes place.
  8. The Council of Elders will decide on these actions as is demonstrated by the will and need of the people. The people will remain in full control of this process and fully informed of the exact status of all mining activities.
  9. Remember that we will do whatever is necessary, or needed by the people, to create abundance on all levels of society. This means that new opportunities and new activities will constantly arise and will be implemented on a regular basis.
  10. We will not continue to enrich foreign shareholders and allow our precious commodities to be stolen from us and traded on the global stock markets at the expense of our people, who are being used as slaves or cheap labour.
  11. The new money system or currency adopted by the people will be linked to the mineral wealth of New Zealand. This will make the new New Zealand currency the strongest currency in the world with immediate effect – because all the other major currencies are FIAT currencies with absolutely no intrinsic value at all – other than the confidence of its people.
  12. The people will decide how to proceed and how to develop the mining sector into the future so that it provides a real tangible benefit for the people in every sector of our society and in every community.
  13. This will open up a new exciting era of research and development by our brilliant scientists, engineers and inventors for the greater benefit of all the people.