New Zealand once had a very efficient railroad system that was used by people all over the country. This has been completely destroyed by our servants, the government. Every major town and city has a railroad running through it or near it and yet very few towns have an active railway connection between them serving the people. 
It seems to most people as if our railways are not functioning at all, but this is not the case. The trains are running but rather serve the needs of the people they serve the giant corporations – coal, mining, petroleum, forestry, and other industries.
Tax payers money is used to provide transportation for the corporations while the people are left stranded. This is not acceptable.
The AHORA Movement will initiate a large scale project to reactivate and upgrade the railroad network of New Zealand.  All the old railway stations will be rebuilt and upgraded; deserted railroads will be restored, and every major city & town will have an active railway system to serve the people.
This will become one of the key driving mechanisms to give millions of people work to do, teach new skills, and fill each one with hope and the belief that we can control our own destiny and provide true and lasting prosperity and abundance for all the people.