All roads in  New Zealand are on the land that belongs to the people. Our servant, the government, has sold these roads and our rights to travel on these roads to private multinational corporations that now extort money from the people while travelling.  Some secondary roads have been so neglected that they are almost unusable. 
Nobody should have to pay to travel, drive, walk or use our roads, no matter where they are in New Zealand. Any form of taxing, charging, or tolling is unlawful and not in the greater public interest – it is therefore unconstitutional and must be abolished immediately.
We propose a massive public works project that will involve people, to re-think; re-plan and upgrade all our roads across New Zealand where necessary. All the participants, from the engineers to the labourers will be given all the tools and latest technology possible to make this as smooth and easy as can be.
This will be part of a major move towards instituting AHORA as a principle of society across the land. Professionals and trainees from each town or community will participate in this giant project creating a network of activity across our country.
All this activity will be integrated into the various needs of towns and communities everywhere, which will include town planning, public parks and places, sport and recreation all other activities in our communities.
The engineers and architects and town planners will be required to apply all their knowledge of sacred geometry or the laws of nature to enhance the natural flow of energy in all areas. This has been part of ancient and eastern philosophy for thousands of years and all the great architects and artists of the past incorporated sacred geometry into their works because they understood its effect on those who use it or observe it.
For those who do not understand this, please read the document on the Laws of Nature And Sacred Geometry on our information site.
Everything we propose to do in the AROHA Movement must subscribe to these basic principles because of the positive effects it has on the people who live in such environments. This applies to every sector of society. Farming, engineering, construction, town planning, water purification, science and everything else in our lives.
We have been separated from Mother Earth through the massive modernisation frenzy we are have been caught up in, at the expense of our physical and mental health. All true healers and scientists are aware of this. Because everything in creation functions on the basic principles of harmonic resonance and coherence.
In other words, the entire universe vibrates in harmony – that is what keeps galaxies and solar systems and atoms together. If we are not in harmony with our Earth, we are in dis-eases and become sick. We will expand on these basic laws of nature in other documents that deal with health – but we need to highlight this even in this section, because it crosses over into every human activity and affects our lives in everything we do.
The channelling of water in spirals that energise the water is just a small example. Energised water has almost super powers in its ability to heal and invigorate our bodies and enhance the growth of corps and livestock who eat those crops.
Researchers have shown how raw sewerage water can be completely purified and energised by simply allowing it flow along specific spirals over a few hundred metres. No chemicals or poison required. We have been denied this simple knowledge that follows the laws of nature, because of the greed of corporations and government.
We need to reconnect with Mother Earth in everything we do. This is part of the healing and the awakening of humanity. Our road works projects will be just one of the many sectors to play a key role in  this beautiful transformation process.