Sea & Waterways

Every coastal town and city will play an important role in the reactivation and transformation of our country. This will include provision of energy; fisheries and fish farming; conservation of coastlines and marine life; upgrading and maintenance of ports and harbours; import and export of our goods – but this aspect will change dramatically as we enter an AROHA  way of life. 
Every port and harbour will be upgraded and redesigned to serve the needs of the people of New Zealand and not the needs of international corporations at the expense of the people.
Every coastal town, city and village will have its own port or harbour, based on the needs and activity of the community. It will be up to each community to plan and decide what is necessary. This will require skills and many people to upgrade and maintain. Those who love to live by the sea will see this as a great opportunity to relocate from overpopulated cities to the tranquillity of coastal living. It is obvious that this movement of people will significantly activate the building, housing and town planning sectors everywhere, providing many new opportunities for people in all walks of life.
Existing boat and water transport vessels will be upgraded where necessary and adapted to provide specific functions necessary for serving the people across the land and the immediate communities. Every fisherman and any other boat owner will be encouraged to get involved in the many aspects of transport and travel along our coastline, rivers and other waterways.
This will in many ways be a whole new initiative and massive expansion to the travelling options and lifestyle we have today. It will require innovative thinking, massive construction and building; training and an exciting opportunity for many people with a variety of skills.
Our coastlines, rivers and waterways should provide an exciting new way to travel and transport goods that is not an option today because of cost and availability. Anyone anywhere along the coast, will be able to catch a boat, or transport goods to any other coastal town.