All life on this planet has to contribute to it’s own survival otherwise it will simply die out and man should be no different.

Welfare is not there for those who do not wish to contribute to society & their local community, it is there for those who are unable to.  For example if a person is unable to contribute through ill-health, disability or old age it is the moral requirement of any community to look after those people.  Having said that there are many people who are ill, disabled & old that who still wish to contribute as it gives them a purpose, strength and courage and thus the community should honor and respect this.

In a community of abundance and equality there would be plenty to go around providing that people contribute to the community.  It works quite simply in that if people look after their community the community will look after them.

Financial Support

In a society where all debt is abolished and the essential requirements of the community are supplied to all then no financial support is required.   There would be no mortgages, no rent, no bills whilst food, clothing, education & housing is supplied by the community.

Child Support

Child support in regards to finance will no longer be required because it is in the interest of the community to look after it’s future generations.  That said it is in the best interest of all to abstain from having large families because of the fundamental truth that infinite growth in a finite world is not possible and goes against future self-sustainability.  This only cause problems in the long term as the more people in existence the less resources there are to go around. 

All children require a quality up bringing within their family  and the more children any family has the less quality upbringing they receive. Thus it is up to the community and the people to take responsibility for their future to ensure that they, nor their future generations become a burden on the community and the resources that supply the community.

As both parents are important in any child’s upbringing it is up to the community to ensure that each child receives quality time from both.  This can be achieved quite simply because the more that the people contribute to a society there less work there is for everyone and thus more time to dedicate to family and other interests.


Welfare in the current system is often given to those who are unable to find work.  Within any community there is always work to be done in range of different fields. It is through these community requirements that people contribute to the community as a whole.  The community should encourage educating its people to fill necessary gaps and areas the community & people need to develop as they both can reap the benefits.  The more skills and experience the community and its people have the better it is for all.